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The mission of Gantry Games is to provide information and guidance to people interested in online game development by gathering and shaping input from other members of the online game development community. Our belief is that people learn best by doing a task while observing others doing the same task. This has been the foundation of the apprentice system for centuries, learning through practical experience while being guided by others.


The "Gantry" in Gantry Games refers to a common framework being developed as a core for online game development. We are experimenting with the development of different types of games to get a better understanding of what is required versus creating a framework first and then forcing the game architectures to work within the framework. Using continuous refactoring, we hope to be able to distill the core components across multiple platforms.


Although the name has changed over the years, we have been around in one form or another since the early 1980s and are currently specializing in desktop, mobile, and web-based game development. Most of our work is focused on combining JavaScript with SignalR and ASP.NET core back ends to create multiplayer online games. Our experience includes systems architecture, object-oriented design, real-time systems, databases, and network communications. We are also available for contract work. Inquiries welcome.